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DVDs, Booklets, Workshops, Speaking Engagements, and Trainings
Kids who feel connected to their peers, parents, or another trusted adults grow up more safely. When they can talk openly, they feel listened to, respected, and loved.

Family Health Productions develops research-based DVDs, videos, booklets, and workshops, and trainings about the challenges kids face growing up. These resources are produced with technical assistance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Harvard Medical School.

You can order these products and schedule workshops, speaking engagements, and trainings. These resources are used internationally by schools, health and community organizations, government agencies, and corporate work/life programs.

Use Family Health Productions products to begin discussions
• among young people in the classroom
• with parents and professionals in the workplace and the community
• between young people and parents at home.

You can order Family Health Productions products at wordscanwork.com. These videos and DVDs include discussion guides. You can download additional classroom activities for the videos and DVDs.

Learn how others use these materials. Read testimonials about these products.