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What people are saying about Family Health Productions DVDs and videos.

In Our Own Words: Teens and AIDS - DVD/VHS
"If you're a teacher, you're a principal, you're a superintendent, this is a video you should get for your schools ... You can save a lot of kids." - Oprah Winfrey, The Oprah Winfrey Show

"...In Our Own Words: Teens and AIDS is right on target for young people... dramatic enough to hold their attention, realistic enough to be absolutely believable. The medical information is sound and right on target." - Dr. Timothy Johnson, Medical Editor, ABC News

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Alcohol: True Stories hosted by Matt Damon - DVD/VHS
"Alcohol: True Stories is among the very best videos on the issue. It doesn't preach -- it underscores the value of connections and communication with friends and family. A valuable tool for communities nationally." - Bobby Heard, National Director of Programs, Mothers Against Drunk Driving

"Alcohol: True Stories is a powerful tool for engaging teens on an issue important to their health and well being: underage drinking. By showing real kids, this video reaches viewers on a rational and emotional level. It will help them make smart choices." - Stephen J. Pasierb, President /CEO, Partnership for a Drug-Free America

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The Power of Girls: Inside and Out - DVD/VHS
"The video has great models for girls who have found the strength to accept themselves and act in their best interest, sometimes in the face of very negative messages about who they should be and how they should act." - Bernice T. Humphrey, National Program Department, Girls Incorporated

"The thoughtful real life stories told in the videos can open up a deeply meaningful dialogue between young people, parents, educators and/or clergy to help young people deal effectively with their experiences and strengthen their future resiliency. They will help teens think about and make wise choices and help adults better understand how to reach out to support young people." - Catherine Steiner-Adair, Ed.D., Harvard Medical School

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Boys on Bullying - DVD/VHS
"Bullying often damages boys in ways they can't express. Boys on Bullying gives words to our experiences and feelings. It needs to be seen by every boy and his parents." - Tom Klaus, MS, President and Lead Trainer, Legacy Resource Group

"This program helps boys examine and break down male stereotypes that can contribute to bullying and isolation. It shows boys the importance of acknowledging their feelings and talking with someone supportive. These are essential steps in building healthy relationships with other males, girls, and women." -Bernice T. Humphrey, National Program Department, Girls Incorporated

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Raising Healthy Kids: Families Talk About Sexual Health - DVD/VHS
"Raising Healthy Kids is one tool we have used at 3M with great success. Parents say it gives them basic skills they can use to communicate with their children on important issues. Raising Healthy Kids seminars are popular and get great reviews every time." - Carol Ley, MD, 3M

"Raising Healthy Kids: Families Talk About Sexual Health offers a clear and important message: parents are a child's best teacher about love, sex and values. Many parents will find these well-crafted videos useful aids in starting these critical discussions with their kids." - Sarah Brown, Director, National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

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When Breast Cancer Comes Back: Skills for Living - VHS
“Must viewing for every woman whose cancer has come back. This tape puts it all in perspective and proves you can live with cancer.” - Susan M. Love, M.D., Author, Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book, Medical Director, Santa Barbara Breast Cancer Institute

“This is a video that a woman with recurrent breast cancer can watch any time for hope and strength. Everyone confronting the return of breast cancer should have the opportunity to benefit from these informative and inspiring materials.” - Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization

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