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Talking With Kids
Corporations, schools, and community organizations can help strengthen communication among kids and peers, and between parents and children. Schedule seminars, speaking engagements, and training workshops to help parents and professionals talk with kids about the issues that matter most.

When parents and kids can talk openly, families tend to be healthier. Parents in healthy families can stay focused at work. That's why companies including 3M, John Hancock Financial Services, Eli Lilly, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and Draper Laboratories sponsor workshops for employees, using Family Health Productions acclaimed videos and discussion guides.
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Sometimes kids can reach other kids as no one else can. In Family Health Productions award-winning videos, kids tell the truth about issues they've handled growing up. Discussion guides included with each program help educators lead kids in lively conversations about the issues affecting kids' lives. The guides also include role-play and other follow-up activities for classroom or group use.
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You can plan a community event for young people and parents that features Family Health Productions videos and DVDs. Read a detailed schedule for planning an event in your community.
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