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Got a problem? You're not alone.
Other kids have handled the troubles you face. Read their stories here, kid to kid. Get the truth about their worries - and how they’ve sorted things out.

Read how kids, parents and other adults are talking about growing up. Go to wordscanwork.com

Read Kid to Kid.

AIDS: HIV & denial
Barbara's Story: Shattered dreams
David's story
How HIV spreads
Kerry's story
Living with HIV
Pedro faces illness
Unmasking HIV myths
Veronica's story
Who's Positive?

Choosing not to drink
Dana's story
Drinking and Driving: Rob's story
Feeling peer pressure
Finding friends who don't drink
Ilton's story
Megan's story
Rick's story of addiction
Riding with a drunk driver
Robert's story
Sex under the influence
Using fake IDs

Body Image
Body Changes: Talking girl to girl
Eating Disorders: Putting health first

Ernesto's story
How to handle bullying
Jim's story
Judd's story
Katti's story
Rachel's story
Wanting to belong

A Family Illness
Courtney's story
Erin's story: Bipolar Disorder
Mike's story

Anabolic Steroids
Marijuana: Deciding to quit

Dealing with feelings
Fitting in
Stress: Ways to handle it
The view from a wheelchair

Getting Connected
Being a volunteer
Friends: Someone to count on
Sports: Getting physical

Death: Coping with loss
Divorce: Torn between parents
Kemba's story

Oronde's story
Talking builds trust

A mother's story about autism
Always respect others

Sexual Health
Condoms: Knowing the facts
Feeling pressure to have sex
Growing up gay

Cigarettes: Quit for life

Dating violence
Handling anger
Wilson's story

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